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 Take a little piece of the U.P. home with you! Check out the bottom of the page for a full list of shops in the area. Our coastal towns charm and hospitality makes for an unbeatable shopping experience! 

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Our list below features local businesses that have transformed their handmade creations into one-of-a-kind gifts and souvenirs!

Sayklly’s Candies

This local landmark has coined themselves as the sweetest shop in town, and rightfully so! Sayklly’s is a  three-generation family-owned candy shop that started in 1906, and their homemade recipes are a favorite among Yoopers. This classic candy store is like reliving a childhood dream with something for every sweet-tooth from chocolates to taffy. Their famous Yooper Bars are molded in the Upper Peninsula’s shape, making for a perfect souvenir to remember one of the greatest places. But it likely won’t last long before it’s devoured–our friends at Midwestern Gentleman pictured below can second that!

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Midwest Gentleman Chocolate

Midwest Gentleman

Photo: Midwestern Gentleman to check out more of their content, click here!

UP North Roast

The only local roasters in Delta County have made a family hobby into a local favorite! Get ready for a slap in the face of freshly roasted coffee once you walk through their downtown doors. This company roasts beans from all over the world with fourteen different coffees to choose from. Watch from the window inside as they roast 250lbs of coffee a day! Try their fan-favorite Premium Blend or Hunter’s Brew, which got its name from its ability to wake-up any groggy hunter for an early-morning hunt! This is a must-stop for the coffee lover or the perfect spot to grab a gift to take home!

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Up North Roast

Photo: UP North Roast Coffee

Leigh’s Garden Winery

This downtown shop is a gem for any wine lover. Each locally-made bottle of wine has a story –whether it be about the history of the first lady lighthouse keeper in Escanaba or a tribute to the winemaker’s wife. Stand at this old-style bar with stained glass accents and try tastings for just $1 an ounce as your bartender tells you about what makes each grape and wine special.

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Leighs Winery

Photo: Leigh’s Winery

Treetop Threads & Great Life Brand

Inspired by living on the Great Lakes, the Great Life Brand incorporates the outdoors’ influence into their clothing-line. This family-owned company enjoys the outdoors so much that it donates 8% of each purchase to conservation projects. Their other brand, “Upcycled Hippie,” takes used-fabric and gives a new look to the Yooper flannel. Their fun style and creativity make their shop a must stop!

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Great life

Photo: Great Life Brand

North Coast Apparel

Another brand inspired by living in the Upper Peninsula, this shop offers unique designs that incorporate Yooper flare. Take home a shirt with the Upper Peninsula outline or a custom North Coast Apparel sweatshirt! Their storefront offers several different options for the whole family!

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Northcoast Apparel

Photo: North Coast Apparel

Yooper Designz

This family-owned shop makes household furniture and decor that is unique to the Upper Peninsula and Great Lakes. From handcrafted signs to t-shirts, you are sure to find an Upper Peninsula souvenir here! Keep an eye out for their classes and events, where you can make your own personalized signs!

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Yooper Designz

Photo: Yooper Designz

Bay de Noc Lure Company

Another company that started in the “Walleye Capital of the Word,” the Bay de Noc Lure Company, began in 1955 as a hobby. But in no time, the “Swedish Pimple” gained popularity from Midwest fisherman and not too long after, the world! You can find their lures nearly everywhere, and now you can fish in the area that inspired it all!

Swedish Pimple

Upper Hand Brewery

This band of outdoor-loving brewers has created unique beers that reflect the very place they live in. A sister-brewery to another Michigan favorite, Bell’s Brewery, this taproom has been making tasty brews since 2013.  The “Yooper Ale” is a popular beer along with the”Laughing Fish” and “Deer Camp.” When you take a seat in this taproom, it will all make sense as you will feel like you’re at camp, kicking back with your friends. 

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Upper Hand Brewery

Photo: Upper Hand Brewery

Northern Sun Winery

Even when scientists told them that growing grapes in the U.P. was impossible, their determined Yooper grit paid off. They have perfected their ice wine that is picked from the vines frozen, then squeezed! Northern Sun Winery is located on their vineyard in Bark River, where they are available for tasting their award-winning wines.

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Northern Sun Winery


Walleyes Choice Lures

The Bays de Noc are iconic for walleye fishing, and nobody knows it better than the creator of Walleyes Choice Lure; Keith Wils. You can find these lures tested specifically for the Bays de Noc area at nearly any tackle shop in the Upper Peninsula. Or go out on a charter with the legend himself to ensure you get that once in a life-time catch!

Walleyes Choice

Rapid River Knifeworks

Attention, all hunters, this is a must-stop shop! Not only does Rapid River Knifeworks offer the highest-quality custom knives, but their storefront is a showroom too! With a wide variety of knives made out of unique resources, these make for a one-of-a-kind gift or a treasured family heirloom. 

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